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unique eventeindrücke

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  • kapazität: 200 Personen
  • Eventfläche Innen: 200 m²
    (Offene Küche, Bar, 150 Personen sitzend/ 200 Personen stehend )
  • Eventfläche Außen: 200 m², 80 m² überdacht
    (Grillhütte, Loungebereich, Individuelle Bestuuhlung,  200 Sitzplätze, Holzhütten)
  • Parkplätze: 180


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Fish is one of the most wholesome foods that man can eat. In fact, people have been eating fish throughout human history. These days, many cooks yearn to add fish to their repertoire, but the whole process of cleaning and filleting

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